Here are a few things you’ll find useful to know about our centre:


Beginners – little to no riding experience.

Novice – can maintain control at a walk, limited experience trotting or cantering.

Intermediate – rider is comfortable and in control walking, trotting, cantering and galloping, possibly some experience of jumping.

Advanced – rider is very experienced, in control at all paces, experienced with jumps and can handle a spirited horse in open country.

Centre Details

We have a variety of horses; Irish cobs, Irish hunters and Irish sport horses, to suit all levels of rider.

Our style of riding is English and we use English saddles.

Riding hats of all sizes, which are compliant with health and safety regulations, are available at our centre and you are required to wear one at all times whilst riding.

We have a weight limit of 16 stones or 100kg.

Appropriate Clothing & Footwear

Comfortable clothing that allows you to move, not too tight (no skinny jeans as these may chafe), no skirts or shorts.  Please bring sunscreen in spring, summer and autumn as we may be out in the sun for some time, especially on longer treks.  Please note that the weather is very changeable in Ireland – a waterproof jacket is required at all times of the year. Please ensure that you will be warm enough, it can be windy in the mountains.  

Ideal footwear is boots with a smooth, tough sole and small raised heel (no less than 1/2 inch in height).  Shoes such as sneakers, flip flops, high heels, and shoes with deep treads are not allowed. Body protectors and riding boots can be provided.

Miscellaneous Info

The electrical current is 220 volts using 3-pronged plugs so clients from North America or Europe will need an adapter and converter.

Some hairdryers are available depending on accommodation.

The B&B and Hotels have WiFi available.

Local currency is Euro.  We suggest that you take cash and credit cards, as you may not have access to a bank during the trail ride to change travelers checques.

We encourage all people traveling internationally to enroll in the STEP program prior to departure for your trip:  https://step.state.gov/step/  It is a free service and provides assistance to you as a traveller as well as to your family and friends in the event of any emergency or major event in the area.

Average Temperature in Fahrenheit:  January-March 36-52, April-May 42-61, June-August 51-68, September 50-64, October 45-58 and November-December 40-52.  For weather forecast we suggest:  http://.usatoday.com/weather  or www.weather.com. 


If you have questions or concerns while on your trip, please bring them to your host’s attention. If not resolved, call your Active Travel Reservations Person at: 001.203.536.8748 OR 1.800.973.3221.  Any issues not communicated during the course of your trip will not be addressed upon your return home.