beach Riding

Beautiful Beaches

There’s nothing more iconic, more emotive and more exhilarating than horse riding on the beach.  It’s the perfect way to take your break from fantastic to unforgettable! Here at Wicklow Equi Tours we’re privileged to be able to offer you two fantastic beach rides, each special in its own unique way.  Our beach treks can be experienced as a stand alone trek or as part of our luxury horse riding holiday packages.

1 hour Beach Ride €80 per person

Brittas Bay Beach

One of the finest beaches in the East of Ireland, Brittas Bay has won numerous awards for its powdery white sand and beautiful dunes.  For inexperienced riders will ride the sandy shoreline at a comfortable pace as we splash in and out of the low tide. For advanced riders who are looking for an adrenaline hit, you will have the opportunity to gallop the 4km shoreline – truly a ride dreams are made of.

Suitable for all levels!

2 hours 30 minutes €140 per person

Oldbawn Beach

This beach is one of a kind with stunning views and terrains in every direction.  It’s at least 17 miles in length with amazing scenery including the Dunes National Heritage Area and a gallop track next to the sea.  This ride is unmissable!  Suitable only for intermediate and advanced riders.