Our Passion

Welcome!  I’m Amelia, one of the horse-loving founders of Wicklow Equi Tours.

Our passion and knowledge of horses and Wicklow’s natural beauty inspired us to create this company, so we can share the adventure of horse riding with others.

We enjoy being able to offer an opportunity to all those who have an interest in riding horses, whether you are a first time rider or advanced.  We have carefully hand picked our horses and Irish cobs, to ensure we have a great variety of well stabled steeds in order to provide the best experience for our visitors.  

Her Story


Amelia has always been a passionate animal lover.  She was introduced to horses in Jamaica at the age of six, where her competitive nature led her to compete and represent her country on numerous occasions and she become a Caribbean showjumping champion all before reaching fifteen years of age.

She went on to study veterinary medicine at St. George’s University in Grenada, and she decided to complete her clinical rotational year in Ireland.   During that time she fell in in love with the Irish culture, the friendly locals and incredible scenery – Ireland would now be home.

We have carefully handpicked beautiful Irish horses, to ensure they have the ideal temperament in order to provide the best experience for our visitors.  We have taken the time to explore the Wicklow countryside and create a range of treks for all, and found the best local hotels to provide comfortable luxury accommodation.  

Come experience the magic of horse riding in Wicklow with us!